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While browsing the news this morning I came upon this manifest of a Turkish imprisoned author which beautifully describes the power of imagination.

The Writer's Paradox - Ahmet Altan

"You can imprison me but you cannot keep me in prison."

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This essay made me wish for the old days to come back.

I vividly remember when Facebook and Twitter (and what else) didn't exist yet and we had our neat circle of fandom-y friendship on LiveJournal. Nowadays we're scattered across different platforms and it's hard to keep track of everything and everybody. I myself am posting way less than I did a few years back and while I really miss it, I can't find it in me to get back to the way it was.

What happened? Have we really grown so distant?

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Jan. 23rd, 2015 09:55 pm
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I just read [livejournal.com profile] destina's post on [personal profile] sid having passed away. Shock seems to be the only thing that comes to my mind right now. I only knew her through fandom, but we all still form quite a bond here, so this hits pretty hard.
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Taken from the product description on Amazon for the book 1/2986 by Annelie Wendeberg:

Warning: This book is not for the faint of heart. Do not buy if you abhor violence, intense language, and inexplicit sex.

Oh yes, especially the inexplicit sex is absolutely sickening.

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When I first met you it was your smile that drew me in
So open and beautiful and breathtakingly honest
But then our eyes met
And in these short seconds time seemed to stand still
This mere moment was enough for me to fall
And I curse myself that I didn't approach you further and let distance come between us
That night I dreamt of you
Bitter-sweet pictures that don't fade as they often do
And want spreads through my veins even more
So now I'm here
Searching the whole wide world for you
In hope that you too felt this connection in the short space of time
That this isn't a cruel game my heart plays with me
That fate just this once shines merciful upon me
And makes you search for me too
So that our paths cross again
And I can finally take you in my arms

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I don't know anymore who said it, but I remember reading somewhere that in order to write, you just need to do exactly that - write.

So, to get back into the saddle, I'll try to come up with at least 100 words each day. For whatever it is... some piece of fic, an entry to my travel blog, a book review... whatever.

Unfortunately I don't really know where to start fic-wise and since I've been absent in any fandom for quite a while I need to find my way around the communities again first. In the meantime you're welcome to throw prompts at me to get my muse running. I've written HP and SG-1, but I might also get my feet wet with SPN, H50, NCIS(LA) and Merlin.

Just hit me with it. I promise I'll try my best.

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Decided to get myself an AO3 account and move all my fics over there. You can find me at favicontigerlilly.

I'd love to start writing again but since it's been over three years I worry that I've kinda lost my game. So does anybody have any tips whatsoever as to how I could get myself back in the saddle?

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Why is there no xmas theme here on DW? Or something snowy? Even if I'm not in the mood, my journal can be. *pouts*
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] sid !!!

Wishing you the best of days with lots of sunshine, fun and a big damn cake. :) *hugs*


Jul. 23rd, 2009 08:35 am
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LJ is taking some downtime and I'm already missing my daily morning fix of news and gossip. *pouts*

ETA 08:49 am - Oooohhh... hello LiveJournal! Welcome back. Did you sleep well? Hope you stay nice and online now. *pets*

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Happy Birthday [personal profile] starglyph !!!

Hope you have an awesome day with everything you wish for. *hugs*

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So, seems like I've gone and got myself a DW account. For those, who stumble across this post and don't know who I am, I'm [livejournal.com profile] tigerlilly2063.

This journal is only for the purpose of keeping up with my friends who left LJ completely for DW and posting access to comms, since I can't do that with my OpenID account.

My life will still take place at LJ. You're welcome to add me to your circle, but if you expect to keep up with me, you better head over to LJ.

If you add me, and you're coming from LJ, but your name has changed, please leave me a note here, so I will know who you are. If we weren't friends before, the same applies.


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