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I don't know anymore who said it, but I remember reading somewhere that in order to write, you just need to do exactly that - write.

So, to get back into the saddle, I'll try to come up with at least 100 words each day. For whatever it is... some piece of fic, an entry to my travel blog, a book review... whatever.

Unfortunately I don't really know where to start fic-wise and since I've been absent in any fandom for quite a while I need to find my way around the communities again first. In the meantime you're welcome to throw prompts at me to get my muse running. I've written HP and SG-1, but I might also get my feet wet with SPN, H50, NCIS(LA) and Merlin.

Just hit me with it. I promise I'll try my best.

tigerlilly: (Pen - L)
Decided to get myself an AO3 account and move all my fics over there. You can find me at favicontigerlilly.

I'd love to start writing again but since it's been over three years I worry that I've kinda lost my game. So does anybody have any tips whatsoever as to how I could get myself back in the saddle?

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